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NPA-Andrusiw Paramedic Scholarship Award Application Form

Application Deadline - November 1, 2017

Read and follow the instructions carefully prior to submitting your application.

This scholarship is valued at $1000 and was established in memory of Larry and Olga Andrusiw both of whom appreciated the role that paramedics play in delivering quality emergency health care and who also valued the importance of paramedic education and training.


  • Must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Protected Person
  • Must be an entering student in the Paramedic program
  • Academic Excellence of 70% average or higher
  • Community Involvement & Leadership
  • Financial Need (as demonstrated through the financial section)
  • Selected candidates MUST successfully complete the term/program
** Award is renewable upon continued qualifications

This page is sponsored by the Olga Andrusiw Estate in memory of her legacy.

How to Apply

Complete this on-line form and submit.

Deadline: November 1, 2017

Read and Understand the instructions. *

Yes, I have

If selected, you may be asked for documentation to support the data you provide. Likewise, all correspondence and award agreements will be generated from the personal information submitted below. So, please use proper spelling, capitalization and punctuation.

1. Personal Data

Tell us about yourself
* First name:
* Last name:
* Social Insurance Number:   (e.g. 123456789)
* Birth Date:
* Mobile:   Format XXX-XXX-XXXX
* E-mail:
* Address:
* City:
* Province:
* Postal Code:
* Country:

2. Students Must Be Currently Enrolled
in a Paramedic Program

*Are you currently Enrolled in a
Paramedic Program in Ontario
* College Facility:
* College Address:
* City:
* Province:
* Postal Code:
* Country:
* Assigned Student Number:
* Major Study Area:

3. High School / Post-Secondary School Information

* What are your Career / Professional Objectives:

* Are you or will you be a May 2018 high school / Post-Secondary School graduate?
* High School / Post-Secondary School Attended:
* Year of High School / Post-Secondary School Graduation or GED:
* Most recent cumulative percentage:

* High School activities, community activities, volunteer work, honors, offices held:

4. Financial Information

* Student name:
* Guardian:
* School / College:
Is your employer subsidizing your tuition?
If yes, please provide amount:

Monthly Income


Semester Expenses

Estimated monthly net income:      Tuition: 
Financial Aids Awards:      Lab fees: 
Other income:      Other fees: 

Monthly Expenses

Rent:      Total: 
Cell phone:     

Discretionary Income

Groceries:      Monthly income: 
Auto expenses:      Monthly expenses: 
Student loans:      Semester expenses: 
Other loans:      Difference: 
Credit cards:     
Hair cuts:     
Medical expenses:     

5. Essay

Your essay should be 500-1000 words. You should address in your essay: Explain what you have done to make your community a better place to live. Give examples of specific projects in which you have been involved. Why is it important to you to take an active role in your community and how this may affect your future role as a Paramedic?

* Essay:

6. Applicant's E-Signature

By signing (typing your legal name) in the space below, you are certifying that all information is correct and that you are the person completing this application. When you press the submit button, you will receive an email confirmation that your application was received. Please print for your records and retain as verification of your application.
* e-Signature:

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