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Paramedicine 2014

Date: 2014-10-17

Paramedicine 2014 was held in London Ontario on October 17-19. The conference was a huge success with a plethora of very engaging speakers and poignant topics. The conference opened with Susan Schiller, the Deputy Chief of Boston EMS, speaking about the Marathon bombing and how their pre-planning, preparedness and everyday use of MCI procedures made a huge difference in their ability to respond. Other breakout sessions included “Are we expecting too much from our students - or not enough?”, drownings and near death presented by Dr. McNamara, modern haemorrhage control techniques and community Paramedicine. The OPA AGM saw several TPA members re-elected to the OPA board and subsequently our TPA President Geoff MacBride was elected OPA president. We wish Geoff all the best in his new endeavours with the OPA board and look forward to exciting times provincially. The conference closed with a “debate style” discussion on the future of Paramedicine and Vince Savoia speaking about the Crisis amongst First Responders.

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