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Distracted Driving - Metrolinx wants Billboards

Date: 2014-10-16

The Toronto Paramedic Association and the Ontario Paramedic Association have both sent letters to Premier Kathleen Wynne, asking her to protect diver safety and to stop the Metrolinx proposal to install massive flashing LED commercial billboards on our highways. Those letters have generated a lot of buzz and Metrolinx has now distanced itself from the project. Let's keep up the pressure and get this distractive advertising plan killed - before someone else does!

"Digital advertisement billboards are designed with one intention, to sell a product by drawing your gaze and attention away from the road ahead.

Anything that unnecessarily distracts drivers from the focus of driving is contrary to your government's goal to keep Ontarian's safe, and permitting such billboards would place all of us at greater risk of injury or death.

Paramedics see first-hand the results of distracted driving. We strongly believe that this plan should be stopped at once and that the safety of Ontario road users be of paramount concern."

TPA Letter

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