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Welcome to the Toronto Paramedic Association Website.

The TPA is a professional body that advances the profession of Paramedicine, advocates on behalf of practitioners and patients and serves our members. This new website reflects our commitment to a more member centric focus as well as a stronger and more involved professional organization. Along with our valuable social media presence through our Facebook and Twitter, the TPA will continue to be a leader in Paramedicine in Toronto.

The TPA is YOUR organization and a strong voice for Paramedicine provincially. We encourage our members to take part and get involved in the organization. Along with exceptional member benefits, the tools provided through this new website will allow you greater access to participating, moving forward and shaping YOUR profession.

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The is responsible for promoting the practice of Paramedicine and ensuring the highest level of care for our patients. We are leaders in the advancement of Paramedicine and achieve our objectives through public awareness, research and education. We lobby for self-regulation under the Regulated Health Professions Act. We also assist in fund-raising for community-based charities. The is a proud chapter of the Ontario Paramedic Association and the Paramedic Association of Canada. The () is not a labour union.

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